This tutorial will provide you with evidence-based strategies to assist your patients in weight management. The objectives are:

  • Set the agenda for your patient’s visit.
  • Create the opportunity to talk about diet, exercise and weight with your patient.
  • Assess your patient’s readiness to make weight-related behavioral changes.
  • Use stage-matched counseling strategies to move your patients closer to making behavioral changes.
  • Help your patients establish goals for diet, exercise and weight.

After completing this tutorial you will have the skills to counsel on weight management issues among your patients during a brief clinical encounter.

Please note: this module is video-based and the following slides do not include audio files separate from the audio embedded in the video files. First you will need to take the pre-module test by clicking on the link below. After you have completed the module, you will need to take the post-module test. Please be sure to take the survey at the end of this module as well.

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