New LifeStyle is a teaching and learning program funded by a grant from the National Cancer Institute (5R25 CA117887-02) to the Department of Family and Community Medicine at Wake Forest School of Medicine. It is designed to help students, educators and the public learn about weight management issues as they relate to health and to the compassionate delivery of health care.

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We hope that you find this site helpful in learning concepts of Nutrition, Exercise and Weight management—the healthy NEW LifeStyle.

Unique aspects of this program are its emphasis on confronting anti-obesity bias among health care providers and training medical students in culturally sensitive weight management counseling.

Materials within this site also draw attention to the cancer connection of poor nutrition, physical inactivity and excess weight—and how cancer risk can be lowered by wise behavior changes.

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STUDENTS - Within this site you will find a series of learning modules created by researchers and educators at Wake Forest School of Medicine. Each module covers one topic concerning issues related to obesity and care for overweight patients. Additionally, you will find videos with virtual patient/doctor interactions to help guide you to a higher degree of sensitivity as you work with patients who are struggling with diet, exercise and weight loss. If you are ready to get started, click here.

EDUCATORS - Developed by faculty at Wake Forest School of Medicine, these free instructional modules have been successfully tested among medical students in all four years at our institution. Educators from other medical schools and disciplines are welcome to use these modules in their classrooms as well. Learners can access these materials in class, at home or in workshops, seminars and other settings. Educators can utilize them alone or as an extension to existing courses. For more information about using these modules, please go here.